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Mad Blanks Subscription

Mad Blanks version 1.4.x for Joomla! 1.5 is still available for no cost. It does not have all the latest features but is still perfectly serviceable for Joomla! 1.5 websites. Click here to download Mad Blanks version 1.4.x.

Compatibility chart:

 Joomla! 1.5Joomla! 1.7Joomla! 2.5Joomla! 3.0
Mad Blanks 1.4.x (free) Yes No No No
Mad Blanks 1.5.x (paid, obsolete) Yes Yes Yes No
Mad Blanks 1.8.x (paid, current) Yes Yes Yes No

This subscription entitles you to the newest available standard Mad Blanks downloads for 1 year (365 days).

Throughout that time, you get access to the latest versions of:

  • The Mad Blanks component
  • The Mad Blanks Create Single Record module (used to gather input for tests, quizzes, surveys, assessments, calculators, and other input forms)
  • The Mad Blanks Display module (display collected data on the front end in a module position)
  • The Mad Blanks Menu module
  • The Mad Blanks Single Field Input module
  • The Mad Blanks Statistic Score Script module (show Score Script output in a module position)


Notice of no risk offer

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can take advantage of our "24 by 10" guarantee. If Mad Blanks is not everything you hoped it would be, you can notify us within 10 days of your purchase to refund your money and cancel your subscription with no hassle. The 10 day / 240 hour time period is designed to give you enough time to build your application and to post questions and receive replies on our support forum. We may ask you to fill out an optional exit survey to tell us about your experience so we can improve our product.

Even if your money is refunded and your subscription is canceled, you will still be able to use the version of Mad Blanks you downloaded without restrictions.

Notice of limited support

Be aware that support of Mad Blanks by the developer and owner of is limited due to other commitments. As outlined in the Terms and Conditions, support is in no way guaranteed. You should be aware of this before purchasing a download subscription for Mad Blanks.

Notice of non-recurring subscription

Your subscription to Mad Blanks downloads will NOT be automatically renewed when the subscription expires. You should receive notification emails 14 and 7 days before the subscription expires and you can choose to initiate action to continue the subscription, but this will not be done automatically.


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This is the official website for Mad Blanks, a component written for Joomla!™

Mad Blanks, when used with Joomla!™, will allow you to give a quiz on your site. You can also use it to give a survey. Quizzes and surveys are popular applications on the Internet, including personality quizzes, name generators, and assessments.

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