Please answer the following:
What type of egg preparation first mixes the yolk with the white, fries it in oil or butter, and continuously stirs and chops it as it is cooked?

Approximately how many Calories are in 3 medium-sized eggs?
What type of egg preparation leaves the yolk intact, fries the egg whole in oil or butter, and flips it over for ten seconds before removing immediately from the heat?

Approximately how much cholestrol is in 3 medium-sized eggs?
Do chicken eggs come in any colors other than white or brown?

What are your favorite preparations of eggs?

What type of egg perparation first mixes the yolk and the white, fries the egg in oil or butter, leaves the egg alone to form a hard layer, then adds veggies and/or cheese, and then folds the egg in half?
Are eggs good for you?

Do you like eggs? If no, why?

If you could put any of these things into an Omelette, what would be your choice/s?

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